Fake Mascara from eBay =/

Hi guys, I hate to start off the week on such a sour note, but I did want to post this so that you’d all know about it. A few weeks ago I was starting to run low on my HG mascara – the Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl. Rather than make a run to my local Marukai Market to buy a new tube for $16, I got caught up in a MUA conversation about it where a couple ladies had found the mascara for really cheap on eBay. While I’m generally very cautious about buying cosmetics on eBay because of the number of counterfeits that exist on there, I didn’t really think much about buying a drugstore mascara because I didn’t think that it would be worth it to fake. I got my mascara about a week later in the mail.

I was so excited to get the mascara in the mail (my old tube had started smelling a bit funny already) I didn’t even bother to look at the packaging. I don’t remember thinking it looked off though. I did notice, once I opened the packaging, that the tube was a little smaller than my old one, and darker in color, but I didn’t think that much of it at first because I did remember Kiss Me had relatively recently increased their mascara to include 20% more product. I thought maybe I just got an older tube.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl fake v. real

On closer inspection, the design and font is a little different as well. Still, I think companies sometimes change their packaging so I wasn’t suspicious until I actually opened the mascara.

So first off, I did notice the wand looked different. The one I purchased from eBay is a lot fatter and stiffer and more curved. Furthermore… the formula looked really different! The one from eBay had a much mousse-ier texture and I couldn’t see any fibers in it.

Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl real wand (top) v. fake (bottom)

I went back to the tube and couldn’t see any fibers in the tube their either. Then when I tried it on I was really confused. It’s actually a pretty decent mascara and it must have some sort of fibers in it because it’s still pretty lengthening but then it dropped my curl completely FLAT. If you guys have seen my original review of the Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl, you’ll know that one of the main reasons I adore this mascara is how well it curls and holds curl (and lengthens and doesn’t smudge, etc).

Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl fake v. real

At this point I started kinda started freaking out because there were only two options. Either a) I got a fake or b) Kiss Me had reformulated my HG mascara – neither of which are good things! I first contacted the seller:

I just received my package last night. Thanks for the fast shipping. I’ve tried the mascara twice, and unfortunately I’m really unhappy. I just threw away my third tube of the same mascara which I’ve been purchasing from my local Japanese market. The packaging of the tube I was sent is the same, but the formula is totally different. I can’t see any fibers in the mascara, it’s a lot heavier, and it completely removes the curl from my lashes within 20 seconds. Do you know if Kiss Me recently reformulated their mascara? Or is the one I got just a dud? It’s completely different from the last three tubes I’ve purchased and the color of the tube itself is a little darker. Please let me know, thanks.


While I waited for a response, I asked everywhere I could on whether or not anyone knew if Kiss Me had recently reformulated their mascara. Kay was kind enough to reply on Twitter that the mascara retails for around 11USD in Japan and the last time it was reformulated was in February of ’09. When I heard that I was almost certain I’d gotten a fake. February of ’09 was way before I started wearing this mascara.

I got this response from the seller:

really sorry for this thing
i will contact my supplier for this this mascara
i will refund 2 u
do my best for reslove ur problem
pls dont leave negative fb
waiting 4 ur respond

I did get a full refund the next day for the $8 I paid or so. I did respond and ask for news from the supplier, but before I got an answer the seller self-deleted. I tried to notify everyone I knew on MUA who had also bought from that seller. The seller’s name was mcmfmnr09, but he or she no longer exists on eBay. I’m afraid this person might have reincarnated and will continue selling fake cosmetics on eBay. =/

In the future, I think I will only buy cosmetics from trusted retailers. From my research, adambeauty.com carries Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl the cheapest for $11 + $2 shipping, and I know that they carry legit products. Sasa carries it too for a little cheaper (shipping is more expensive but it doesn’t matter if you are buying a lot of other stuff), but it’s unfortunately usually out of stock.

Anyway… I just wanted to let you guys know so you don’t get cheated too. I guess in the end I didn’t really lose anything since I got a full refund but the whole experience still left a pretty bad taste in my mouth so to speak. So be careful, guys!!

(Happily, Kay was a total sweetheart and sent me tubes of both Kiss Me’s Heroine Long & Curl and Volume & Curl for my birthday, so I won’t need to order more anytime soon. Thank you so much, Kay!!)

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were purchased by me with my own money and received from a friend. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer/distributor of either product and received no compensation for this post.


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  1. Margaret says:

    OMG i think i bought a fake one from ebay, it look exactly like the fake one you have. I bought the volume & curl mascara. Can you look at this site to see if it legit http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160440435089&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT

    My mascara missing the elaborate swirly design on the bottle (instead its a straight line), does all Kiss Me Heroine mascara has swirly design?

    Thank you, for informing us about the fake mascara.


    Catherine responds:

    I’m sorry Margaret, I can’t view that eBay listing.


  2. Anonymous says:

    basically your saying that the fake one has a straight line and the real has the pattern? you didn’t exactly specify on how to tell if it is fake or not??


    Catherine responds:

    Ah, no. I’m not sure about the packaging at all because I’ve heard reports that the packaging is different in different countries (one of my readers reported that the fake packaging I’ve photographed here is how her real one, purchased from a retail location and behaves like it should, looks). I’m saying that the fake one’s formula is totally different. I can’t really say how to determine whether or not the mascara is real based on the packaging, sorry. =/


  3. Anonymous says:

    ohh ok. Thanks though. I didn’t realise it would look different in different locations because I thought this brands products were all made in Japan and I looked on a Japanese cosmetic website and it had the packaging of the one you have. What made me suspicious is that the ebay sellers product page has a picture of the one you have, with the curvy pattern, but instead sent me one with the straight pattern. So whether it is genuine or not, it is still false advertising. So the real formula has fibers in it? I’m not sure whether to open mine and check the formula or not because the seller only does refunds if the product is unopen and still in the packaging.


    Catherine responds:

    Ah, I see. I unfortunately can’t really help you there. If you want to be safe, I would recommend trying to get a refund for the unopened tube and then buy a new one from a known legitimate source. HTH


  4. Cezann says:

    Thank you soooo much for this post !! I just got the volume and curl mascara from ebay and I found it weird that everybody likes this mascara, but now I know its a fake.

    I went on google and I saw your page, my suspicion was right.

    Also, what made me notice more that it was fake was the different packing from the ebay page I was bidding on. The volume and curl was supposed to have a double curl brush, kinda like two C’s back to back, what I got was a single curve brush just like the long and curl brush.

    I followed your advice and contacted the seller….hopefully I will get a refund.


    Catherine responds:

    Sorry to hear that. =/ Good luck!


  5. Rowena says:

    Argh I can’t believe it – I have JUST got this heroine make mascara and I knew instinctively it was a fake and this post confirms it.

    For one thing I bought both the Length & Curl versions. Both tubes have the SAME brush – Japanese brands never do that, the length and volume versions nearly always have a different brush.

    Also mine are not fibery at all – and it smells funny and I have compared the packaging – it doesn’t look right.

    Am claiming for my money back as we speak!


    Catherine responds:

    Ahh, sorry to hear that, but good luck getting your money back and hope you get to try the authentic versions soon!


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