Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit for Holiday 2012

Hi everyone. It’s been a while, and a whole lot of crazy stuff has happened since I blogged last. I am hanging on, working towards finishing up grad school with a master’s degree and should be starting work in late February with a fantastic biotech. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting to blog again for months now, and I think I’ve finally found the inspiration again.

Today, I bring you Le Métier de Beauté’s absolutely stunning Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit for Holiday 2012 ($95). Le Métier is a positively beautiful, though fairly exclusive, line of luxury cosmetics and skincare. I believe they started out in 2006 exclusive to Neiman Marcus but they have been slowly expanding into more department stores. After reading about the line for ages and admiring from afar, the Nordstrom in the San Francisco Centre Westfield (and my beauty-go-to) finally got a counter about a year ago, and while I was skeptical at first, I have fallen head over heels for the eyeshadows! I haven’t tried much else because I’m trying very hard not to buy everything. However, to date I’ve collected four of the Kaleidoscope Eye Kits and while the price makes them “nice-to-have,” man are they nice-to-have! All pictures in this post were taken in indirect natural afternoon light.

Le Metier de Beaute Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Holiday 2012

The Kaleidoscope Eye Kits come in a cute-yet-functional round swivel deck with a flip up mirror on top. Bauhaus comes in a shiny silver chrome which … usually denotes a special release though honestly, they are all “special” and a lot of the exclusives come in the regular black matte so it’s very confusing (as far as I know none of the Eye Kits are part of the permanent line). Unfortunately, the distribution seems to be fairly limited and I have not been able to find it online anywhere except at Zuneta (for a $5.47 markup, Zuneta automatically removes the 20% VAT tax that only applies to the UK after you enter your billing/shipping address). Lu Ann at Nordstrom SF Centre (415.283.8500 x 1416) just got her shipment in on Saturday, December 8th but had so many holds and pre-orders that she didn’t even have a tester. However, if you call her she may be able to order one for you. Tell her I sent you. :) According to Charleston Girl at Best Things in Beauty, Neiman Marcus is also supposed to have Bauhaus in-store and online.

Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Kaleidescope Eye Kit Holiday 2012 swatches: Axiom, Graphite, Crucible, Genre; blended swatch layered sequentially

Bauhaus was designed by Le Métier Director of Color, Mikey Castillo (I was lucky enough to meet him at a Nordstrom Trend Show!). The inspiration comes from the Staatliches Bauhaus, a school in Germany that combined crafts and fine arts, and whose style has become one of the most influential in Modernist architecture and modern design (or so Wikipedia told me). According to Zuneta, Bauhaus contains:

- Axiom – Sublime bronzed umber
- Graphite – Silver liquid metal
- Crucible – Rich pomegranate
- Genre – Deep gun metal

Sure. Here I’ve swatched Bauhaus with my fingers on bare skin. I would call Axiom bronze. It looks closer to straight-up bronze (#CD7F32) on my computer than umber (#635147) or raw umber (#826644) and looks bronze on the eye too. Graphite is indeed silver. Crucible is a deep brown/red, darker and browner than the actual color of pomegranate. It’s like a deeper, browner version of MAC Cranberry (although TBH I don’t have that anymore to compare in person). I would call Genre a regular gunmetal. All of the shadows are amazingly rich and silky, like most Le Métier shadows though Graphite goes on a bit sheerer than the others.

I also swatched did a layered swatch of Bauhaus using the Le Métier “couches de couleur” (the layering of color) method, inspired by Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book. I did this also with my fingers so the swatches would show up well for the camera, so hopefully it’s a decent representation of the way the colors combine. When you dust Graphite more lightly over Axiom it actually makes a lovely taupe.

Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kits Bauhaus Axiom and Crucible v. Silk Road Damask and Ikat Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kits Bauhaus Axiom and Crucible v. Chauvet Pont d'Arc Ocher and Madder

Though Bauhaus looks like it has some similar shades to previous Kaleidoscope Eye Kits, I’m happy to report that it has no dupes with the particular kits I own.

Top row: Le Métier de Beauté Damask, Ocher, Ikat, Madder, Burberry Mulberry;
Bottom row: Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Axiom, Graphite, Crucible, Genre

Damask is not even close to Axiom and Ocher is a much cooler brown. Ikat and Burberry Mulberry are more purple than Crucible and while Madder is the closest, it’s lighter and less red/more brown. Unfortunately I didn’t have any other shadows in my current collection to compare with Graphite and Genre.

And here I have today’s FOTD wearing Bauhaus. I applied Bauhaus on my lids using the couches de couleur method over the NARS eye primer, and concentrated a little bit more of Genre in the outer corner. I lined the outer bottom corners of my eyes with Le Métier de Beauté Tamarack eye pencil and smudged Genre and Crucible into the pencil, and then layered Axiom and Graphite over MUFE Aqua Eyes #23 in the inner corner.

Face: Dr. Brandt Pores No More, Burberry Velvet Foundation No. 204, Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer No. 2, silica spheres; Cheeks: Burberry Russet, Shu Uemura x Aya Takano Bowwow Magic Queen palette pink; Lips: Burberry Lip Mist No. 201 Cinnamon, Lip Glow No. 8 Cameo; Eyes: NARS Eye Primer, Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Kaleidescope Eye Kit, Tamarack Eye Pencil, MUFE Aqua Eyes #23, Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara

Overall I am extremely happy with Bauhaus. It’s a stunning palette of superb quality like most Le Métier Kaleidescopes. I typically shy away from silvers and greys but I’m glad I decided to give Bauhaus a try and I can definitely see myself creating a range of daytime to nighttime looks with this palette. So far lasting power is excellent. I have been wearing Bauhaus for around 10 hours and while the rest of my makeup is melting off my face, my eye look is pristine with the exception of some migration of my lower lashline (but pretty much everything migrates on my lower lashline if I don’t blot at least once).

For more information, Best Things in Beauty also has swatches and a makeover, and Zuneta has the most press details along with a short video. What do you guys think? Will you be tracking down Bauhaus? Any other Le Métier fans out there?

Hope you enjoyed this post! I should be back soon with the rest of my Le Métier Kaleidoscopes, my new absolute favorite makeup brand (you can probably tell which one it is by looking at my FOTD products haha) and a bit of tea, food and fashion too. :)

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  1. Ilyana says:

    CAT, WELCOME BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! First up, holy crap that holiday eye kit is so expensive LOL but damn it, it’s so beautiful, I completely understand why you couldn’t resist it! What I love about the colors in the kit is that they finally have a silver! Too often, you get stuck with a gold (not that I have anything against gold, I love that color) but it’s nice to see something different ykwim? AND that silver looks amazing against the rest of the colours too, I love it! Your FOTD is gorgeous as usual, and girlllll that Burberry blush is stunning on you!

    p.s crazy random but your brows look hot too LOL
    Ilyana´s last blog post ..My Favourite Reds


    Catherine responds:

    Awww thanks so much hon, it’s good to be back!! And dude… like omg I have fallen down the rabbit hole into the worlds of Le Métier and Burberry and I’m not sure there is redemption lol. The silver is definitely really cool – I don’t think I’ve EVER worn any silvers hahaha, they are on the rare side, I’ll have to try it by itself one day! I bet it’d look amazing as a liner…

    & aww lol thanks. I just got the Shu 20 blush brush and I love it! I’m still climbing the learning curve but so far I’m really excited by the potential! And thank you! I actually got my brows done like, two days ago lol. :D


  2. Welcome back! Bauhaus looks beautiful! It’s on my holiday wishlist! Thanks so much for the comparisons as well. Just so you know with the markup at Zuneta that if you log into their website it will know you are NOT located in the UK and it will remove the 20% VAT tax. Then the price is comparable again. ;-)
    Perilously Pale´s last blog post ..My Holiday Wishlist ~ The Makeup Wars


    Catherine responds:

    Hi Christa! It’s great to hear from you! We’re both on the Facebook Fragrance Friends forum right? I haven’t seen you over there recently, haha, how are you? Ooh, and thanks for the info! I’ve updated the post. :) I think Bauhaus is one of the nicest Kaleidoscopes I’ve seen yet, the word “stunning” keeps on popping into my mind when I try to describe it haha. Hope you receive it this season! :)


    Perilously Pale responds:

    Yes we are on there together! I used to be on there ALL the time until I was sick all last winter with sinus issues. I haven’t really got my perfume mojo back since then. I have been working my way back into it though! I am starting sinus trouble again so hoping I can still get my scent groove back on. ;-) So good you’re back. It’s like it’s a sign I need this k’scope…right? LOL
    Perilously Pale´s last blog post ..My Holiday Wishlist ~ The Makeup Wars


    Catherine responds:

    Oh no! Hope you are doing well and staying healthy! I *HATE* sinus infections with a bloody passion so I feel your pain…. ;______;

    & well, :D


  3. Astrid says:

    I wish we had the brand in France, I really wan to try it! this colors looks beautiful and really suits your eyes!


    Catherine responds:

    Hi Astrid, thank you for the sweet comment! Le Métier’s distribution is horribly limited, even here in the US, but I think Zuneta does ship internationally. I know it’s not the same as having a counter though – definitely hope they expand! :)


  4. Cat! So good to hear your voice again er…hear your words? Ok, I always thought LMDB what overhyped (I mean for the price how could it possibly be that good) until a blogger friend sent me one of the lip cremes and then I was pretty much just like…omg if the rest of this range is this good I can’t even comprehend lakjdf;klasj. The eyeshadows look amazing on you, I love how they look when you layer and blend them especially, SO gorgeous. It’s a combination of shades I wouldn’t think would go together so well, but somehow they do. P.S. Your eyebrows are perfect


    Catherine responds:

    MM! It’s great to hear from you dear! & lol aww thank you <3 And dude, I, like you, also thought Le Métier was wayyyy overhyped but then I sat down for a makeover just on a total whim at Nordstrom’s Trend Show and just knew I was doomed lol. Seriously everything they make is so gorgeous. It’s bad. ^^;;

    & thank you! I think that is the magic of Le Métier!! Their kaleidoscopes are so cool because at first glance you’re like o_O; but somehow they work!! And you don’t even have to layer the shades if you don’t want to, they all function perfectly well as regular shadows, but man, when you do the “couches de couleur” … MAGIC!

    & hehe, thanks!! My brow lady is the best!! :D


  5. Oops sorry, meant to say read your words. It’s the sleep deprivation talking
    Makeup Morsels´s last blog post ..Senna Gets Sultry This Season with Their Haute Nudes Palette


    Catherine responds:

    Hope you get some well-deserved rest and relaxation this winter break!! *hugs*


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